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On Why I Didn't Post On Social Media For 3 Months

Easy answer: I just didn't want to.

Sure, school was supper busy and I wasn't really buying anything new since I spent all my awake time trying to tackle the exams and I was pretty much wearing a variation of the same outfit from day to day but, it's not really the reason, is it?

By the end of summer I somehow got really fed up with Instagram, all the fakeness and just didn't want to participate. Not that there has ever been anything fake about my photos- goodness knows my editing skills begin and end at putting a filter on a photo and maybe adjusting the brightness a bit.

So yes, over the last few months I have really enjoyed not opening my phone to see how a photo of my face is doing on the screens of - mostly- complete strangers. I watched in complete contempt as my followers count ( not that there were THAT many to begin with) went down further and further and did not care at all.

After all, I have realised ( or more like always known) that this influencer business is nothing for me. Just isn't.

I do, however, really enjoy this blog, since it is an outlet for me to do my one of my favourite things in the world: clothes!

Hence the whole new look- not that conventional but I like it.

Also, gone are the mega-cringeworthy posts from years ago- why did no one tell me?? I really can't even bare to look at the photos, let alone read the texts- total Cringe City.


The Boohoo coat I got on a mega black Friday sale. Let's be honest, it was almost for free. (here)

H&M Merino wool jumper (here)

Zara (faux) leather trousers (here) and boots (here)

Primark sunglasses, hair tie and earrings

Juicy Couture bag

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