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On Taking Pictures In Public

Oh geez, if you only knew what the progress of an Eva taking pictures in public looks like.

Let me paint you a picture: lots of running away at the slightest sight of another human, lots of ''are we done yet'' and loads of ,,no I don't like that background'' or ''my legs look too big on that angle''.

Just saying, take everything you see on the interwebs with a grain of salt- chances are, there is not much organic too it and getting that ONE picture is a lot more frustration than one would come to think.

It is also, however, quite fun to play dress-up and have something as an end result, as I have no one photographing me on my daily beige-jumper-and-jeans-and-uggs (yes, I still wear uggs. Call the fashion police.) university days.

Massimo Dutti sale trousers (here)

Bershka bomber (here)

just your average black roll neck jumper

H&M sunglasses (here) and headband (here)

Tory Burch boots (almost the same here)

the Juicy Couture bag I have had for about 7 years and still wear religiously

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